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Spotify is a free streaming music service, built on the foundation of Spotify for Windows(http://www.spotifyforWindows.com), which gives you the option to share your playlists with your friends easily.

All you need is music to choose from, choose your favorite music type, and that’s it! With the ability to search for just about any type of music on the web, no matter where you currently are, you won’t have a problem finding music that fits your taste.

Playing between people using scrobbler programs is a lot like the excellent social network like Facebook and Twitter (among others). People will be able to see what other people are listening to, find out what songs are being played, and join in on the fun.

The music will be automatically chosen within the application itself, so all you need to do is make your selection and the service will serve up the songs automatically. The perfect part about this is that you arent stuck with the music that the company has already picked for you, but instead, you will have a fresh selection tailored to your tastes.

From Artists You Will Like to New Indie Music, Spotify will keep you updated on the latest new indie music releases, with helpful links and description snippets. This will allow you to sample the music, and sing along to the songs. My Library lets you into several of your favorite genres, even giving you a separate list of indie labels you might like. MySpace is another great tool for finding new music, with a great Create playlist option.

Spotify also pulls in music based on your current music listening habits. If you listen to music on Spotify often, the service may recommend new music to you based on the patterns of how you listen to and search for music. As you may already know, listening to music on the internet is now a very popular way of getting entertainment. People choose to listen to music viral videos, and they may download it from a variety of different artists. Spotify is just one service that allows you to access your favorite music in an easy and friendly environment.

Spotify is a free streaming music service, compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. With Spotify, you get to enjoy Spotify Connect, a social network in which you can save your favorite music and play them along with your friends.

The free version has some pretty modest pricing, so be sure to check it out if you are interested in something free with a catalog that is updated pretty regularly.

One great feature that is hard to miss when you are browsing through Spotify is the Discover tab at the bottom of the page. Here you will be able to find new artists, songs, and composers that you might like. It takes only a few seconds for you to see what you might like, and it also saves you some money from the Standard subscription rate.

Using Spotify, your friends will see a personalized list from Spotify, and be able to share with you.